Come and Dine (Twice He Fed the Thousands)

Come and Dine (Twice He Fed the Thousands)

Behind the Music:

This another song Ruach haKodesh gave me after we got back from Alaska.  He revealed to me a deeper meaning behind the two miracles of fish and loaves, during our Mark Bible study.  I still remember exactly where I was reading my Bible. I was sitting in these cool chairs with my mom.  They were right next to these round porthole style windows, and I was reading Mark.  I was so excited, and was like, Mom! Look at this!  We had just had a morning devotion with Dallas Holm that morning, in which he shared about how we need to realize that there are people all around us that are in need.  We just need to ask Ruach haKodesh to open our eyes to see them, and we need to start sharing.  I am not saying it as well as he did, but it was really good.  I hope this song inspires you to share your spiritual food with the starving around you!  Shalom!

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