Romans 1:18-32

Last year I began an in depth study on Paul’s epistle to the Romans using the Cranfield commentaries. I am currently sharing my study of this epistle with my local body, and so I use the attached PDF as my handout/guide for this section of Romans.  Perhaps you will find this study to be of interest to you as well, so I am posting it here.

The first three pages are many of the scripture references used in Cranfield’s commentary on Romans Vol I Section IV subsection 1.i. pages 103-135.

The fourth page is his outline. The following pages are his commentary. The paragraphs in the serif font are quoted directly from his book. And the paragraphs in the san serif fonts are my own paraphrases of his observations.

The Cranfield commentaries are amazing resources, but perhaps out of budget for many dusty scholars. I was blessed to find a miraculous deal on them, and am eager to share with you. This is just the parts of his commentary that ministered to me, but there is so much more.

It takes quite a while for me to get through each section b/c firstly I don’t speak Greek and so translating is very slow going, and secondly bc Cranfield gives such excellent in depth analysis. I do hope to continue to share with you here as a I journey through this epistle.  Romans 1 18-32

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