What Can You Say


What Can You Say

Behind the music:

I can’t play the guitar well enough to play the music I hear in my head for this song, so it’s a cappella for now!  I think the lyrics are pretty self-explanatory, but it’s just about how we can’t judge ourselves too soon.  We have to remember that we are always gonna be in beta mode down here.  We never leave the Potter’s Hands as long as we are in this physical body.  Until He calls us home or until we are raptured away, we are a work in progress.  I read this quote that said something like, “The problem with living sacrifices is that we keep sliding on the altar”.  Pretty spot on!  If we are to become like Him, then we must submit to His molding.  We don’t know the plans that He has for our lives, but we can be assured that He has one!

You might think that you are going to be a missionary, but He wants you to be a stay at a home mom.  You might want to be a stay at home mom, but He wants you to be a missionary!  We don’t get to pick.  We have to submit to HIS will for our lives.  Some of us are going to be bowls, some of us are going to be jars, and some of us are going to be pitchers.  Each starts off as a lump of clay.  You might think you are going to be a bowl and then He starts pulling up, up, up into a pitcher.  You might think you’re going to be a bowl, and He starts squeezing you into a jar.  You know, Abba is so patient with us, but we tend to be really impatient with Him, what’s up with that?!  No one vessel is more valuable than another.  This song is really an encouragement to each one of us to sit and be awed by the work Abba is doing in us, to be thankful to be whatever HE wants us to be, and grateful to be used by Him in whatever capacity He sees fit.


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