I Want to Build a House of Praise

I Want to Build a House of Praise music video

Behind the Song:

Every time I spend time in praise in worship, I think about how the scripture says that Adonai is enthroned on the praises of His people Israel. (Teh/PS 22:3)  I endeavor to interpret the scriptures as literally as possibly.  I understand that some books are history, some are poetry etc, but the literal building of a literal dwelling place for Adonai is such an intriguing and beautiful concept.  If I could literally build a throne made out of worship for Adonai to come and dwell with me, what would it look like?  How would I design it?  I would want it to be just as beautiful as Solomon’s Temple was. Furnished with extravagant vessels and glorious interiors.

There is nothing in this world that any of us could afford to build this house or throne, but like the song says, even though I have nothing to give Him, I can give Him my heart.  The words in the song are between two people who are so in love with each other, and they are both wooing each other to fidelity and intimacy.  Adonai is always calling us to come away with Him, are we continually calling Him to come be with us?  Our relationship must be reciprocal.  It is reciprocity of love that makes a relationship beautiful and strong.

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