A day late and a dollar short

Thank you for giving me the same spirit of compassion and long suffering that You have towards all the people that are sending me scriptures and Christmas greetings on this day. I know that YOU alone have created this day, and I will rejoice and be glad in it, but I will not celebrate the birth of Your Son in it, for I will not compromise and partake in the lies of man and Satan. Abba, please help me to pour out on them the same measureless mercy that You are pouring out right now. Please give me wisdom in my words and purify the motives of my heart. I rebuke a demonic spirit of unrighteous anger, impatience, and despisement that would seek to attack me and cause me to feel or speak arrogantly to these people. Help me to be humbly holy. Let my line in the stand bring conviction and not condemnation. And most of all, Abba, regardless of what man thinks of me, please find me to be pleasing to YOU on this day, b’Shem Yahshua, Amen.

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