Glory Days

Glory Days

Behind the Music:

This song took quite awhile to complete.  I got snatches of lyrics and melodies at different times over the course of several months.  It’s another song that came from a place of encouraging myself in the Lord through the trials going on in my life.  A pin on one of my many pinterest boards says, “Walking alone is not difficult…but when we walked a mile with someone…coming back alone is difficult.”

That is the life of a thread in the remnant….there are periods in life where it seems like every thread around you is getting ripped off by the devil, and you’re just holding on for dear life, and praying that they’ll get patched back into the fabric soon.  All the while, knowing that in spite of all the difficulties you’re facing, that you are seeing prophecies that are thousands of years old being fulfilled right before your eyes, and you are part of the generation who will see Yahshua coming in the clouds.

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