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I haven’t been very active on my blog, but it’s not because I haven’t been studying! The past couple of years I have done a lot of studying about the moedim, which led me to in depth studies on the blood covenant, threshold covenant, and salt covenant.  I used Mr. Clay Trumbull’s books, which were so very thorough and well researched.  I was just recently blessed with an amazing deal on Mr Charles Cranfield’s commentaries on the book of Romans.  And am just beginning my journey into this epistle.  I have not studied very much in the epistles in the past few years since Dad died, b/c I have really been entrenched in the gospels and the TaNaKh, so I am quite excited to get into one again. I am extremely active on instagram and have found quite a few dusty scholars there which I have been enjoying talking with. I also just found one on Twitter, which I am not overly found of Twitter, but perhaps this will be another good brother to fellowship with, and so I guess if that is the case being on twitter will be worth it. I figured out how to add a widget for instagram to my blog here, so you can see what I have been posting about if you’re so inclined.

I also changed my avatar to something that I actually created myself, b/c my original one was something I found on google. I loved it, but I was just using it until I figured out what I wanted my own unique one to say. I also changed the background to something I designed.

I am looking forward to celebrating Chanukkah next week. Last year was our second year to celebrate Chanukkah, and the more we cycle through the moedim the more we are enjoying them and being blessed by the mitzvot of observing Yehovah’s calendar.

That’s another thing that has happened. I have finally come to a place of greater understanding regarding the spelling of the name Yeshua as well as the pronunciation of YHVH. But if you spell or say it differently, I don’t think it’s something to argue over, so I hope you won’t lecture me, but do feel free to share if you have a reliable resource that says something different.

I just finished studying for today, so I am off to get some sleep before getting back to Romans tomorrow.

Shabbat Shalom!

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