The eyelash

Matt. 7:3
Why do you see the splinter in your brother’s eye, but not notice the log in your own eye?

אבינו שבשמים,

Let the unrighteousness in my soul be like the eyelash in my eye. Let me be immediately aware of it, obsessed with the immediate removal of it. Let it feel huge and uncomfortable. Let me understand that just as an eyelash is my own, so is my unrighteousness. It is not anyone else’s fault or problem, but it comes from me. Just as a fallen eyelash is the result of my fallen and deteriorating body so are my selfish choices are the result of my fallen and decaying humanity, let this revelation be part of my רוח from this day on.
Let my unrighteousness cause tears to flow just as fallen eyelash does. Let me go to your Word to see where the problem in me lies, just as I go to the mirror to find where the eyelash is. Let Your Living Waters soothe and cleanse my soul and wash away all unrighteousness.

B’Shem Yeshua

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