Time and Time Again


Time and Time Again music video

Behind the Music:

I actually had bits of it for along time, but Ruach haKodesh allowed me to finish it during this Rosh haShanah season.

The opening lyrics describe just lying in bed at night tossing and turning with regret and shame over things you have no power to change.  They are over.  The only thing you can do is repent and move on. The choice is simple: torment or peace.  The whole time Satan is assaulting your mind with condemnation, Ruach haKodesh is also speaking words of peace and forgiveness and liberty to you.  When you finally tune the devil out and allow the voice of the Holy Ghost to pierce through, then you have got to grab on to that light and hold on to it!

The next part is just describing how for me personally, things were much more difficult in my life, because my dad had gone home to glory, but that I knew that even though this was going to be the steepest and most treacherous part of my journey so far, that Rauch was with me every step of the way.  I just need to focus on the promises of Yahshua’s soon return, and not give up, because He is coming back for me soon.  I need to hold on to the truth and live my life for Him, because at the end of the day, once I’m gone the only thing that is left here for the people I leave behind is my testimony.

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